What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is about guiding you to reach your highest potential;
to achieve your dreams and live a happy, successful life.

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Are you ready to commit to changing your life? I’m here to help.


Getting RESULTS is why my clients choose me as their life coach!

Through my years of experience successfully working with people of all ages and careers,
you can trust that my coaching will help you (most likely in more ways than you can imagine).
My experience allows me to distinguish each clients’ unique intelligence and aspirations,
then challenges and encourages them to overcome their self-imposed limitations.
I received my certification from an ICF approved coaching academy, therefore,
 you can feel confident that I had great training.

Each individual has different perceptions, aspirations, and challenges.
An individual’s needs will vary, some may require structure, some seek guidance, some need more accountability,
and some may need a combination of one or all the aforementioned.
Dr. Graham focuses on adapting her abilities to address the individual client’s need.

Life Experience
My clients benefit from my nearly 30 years of clinical experience with world reknowned professionals,
and my formal education in more ways than one.

Friendly, personalized, and confidential coaching.
Respect and non-judgment for whatever your situation is.

In an effort to assist clients with making the necessary steps of change in life,
the implenetation and utilization of methods that confronts internal and  external barriers.  
My clients experience positive results, 
even after their first ecounter of their personalized program.

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