Dr. Shontell Graham, DHA, SAR, RA, (ARRT)(R)(M), CPC

CEO / President / Adjunct Professor / Certified Professional Coach

Dr. Shontell Graham has begun her career in radiology in 1993. She holds a Doctorate in Health Administration (University of Phoenix), Master of Science in Radiologist Assistant (Rutgers University), Bachelor of Science in Health Science (Rutgers University) Certificate in Radiography (UMDNJ-Rutgers University), and an Associate of Art (Fairleigh Dickinson University). Dr. Graham is a licensed Specialist Assistant in Radiology; in addition, she is an ARRT certified mammographer and diagnostic radiologic technologist. Occupational medicine, pain management, orthopedic and spine surgery are her specialties. Dr. Graham is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) focusing on assisting individual with reaching their goals as it pertains to their health, relationships, and careers.

The A.P.P. Life (Active / Proactive / Prevention)

The concept of The A.P.P. Life derived from two manifestations in Dr. Graham’s Life; her 26 years of experiences in the health field and observations of her family and friends’ perspectives on health. Many of individuals affected with acute and/or chronic health are self-afflicted. The affliction is a result of dietary, life-style, lack of medical treatment, or over indulgence of medical treatment. If people take an active role in their life, which is a proactive measure, the possibility of prevention increases exponentially. There is a chance that by even doing all of the “right” things, adverse outcomes can occur, but by implementing the A.P.P. life technique one is better prepared to deal with the situation. The A.P.P. Life is a supporter and advocate of everyone seeking proper medical care and having regular check-ups, we are here to support that time in between visits and provide evidence-based knowledge.


Dr. Shontell Graham’s coaching philosophy is inspired by the GROW coaching model, originally identified by Sir John Whitmore.

GROW represents four stages in the coaching conversation:

Dr. Graham distinguishes her clients’ unique intelligence and aspirations, then challenges and encourages them to overcome their self-imposed limitations.

In an effort to assist clients with making the necessary steps of change in life, Dr. Graham implements a method that is a combination of interactive and behavioral-based. This method addresses the ability and mental. This approach confronts internal barriers which involves emotional release work and confronts external barriers and alignment with the clients’ value system.

Each individual has different perceptions, aspirations, and challenges. An individual’s needs will vary, some may require structure, some seek guidance, some need more accountability, and some may need a combination of one or all the aforementioned. Dr. Graham focuses on adapting her abilities to address the individual client’s need.

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