The phrase 'healthy lifestyle' is an abbreviated definition of how you should live if you want to get the healthiest body you can—one that both looks good and feels good. With The A.P.P. Life we will help you learn a better way to live.


Here at The A.P.P. Life we understand that the whole person must be addressed; outer and inner beauty. Personal Trainer / Pilates Instructor / Nutrition Coach / Group Fitness Instructor at TonnesonStrong

Dr. Shontell GrahamWHAT IS A LIFE COACH?

Life Coaching is about guiding you to reach your highest potential; to achieve your dreams and live a happy, successful life. Here at The A.P.P. Life we understand that the whole person must be addressed; outer and inner beauty.


The A.P.P. Life is composed of six elements: Spirtuality, Mental Health, Physical Health, Career/Business, Finances, and Relations. Owning your best life requires assessing, evaluating, realigning, and reinventing the six elements; we are here to help.

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Life Coach and Vision Board Workshop

Content Coming Soon... Tired of feeling stuck?! Well take action, be proactive. Join us for a Life Coach and Vision Board workshop on 10/23/2021 from 12-4pm. Seats are limited. $75 per person or 2 for $130. All of your supplies are included...

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COVID - 19 Pandemic

With recent events and all the information floating around about COVID 19 (Corona Virus), I wanted to share some valid information. The following is from Dr. Irene Ken, whose daughter is an Asst. Prof in infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins...

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Online Training/Nutrition

Training Only Package $150 per month (just $5 per day) Personalized Online Personal Training Program Includes the following, customized for your specific goals: Workouts available to you through website/app. Workout in your fitness center or home Monthly Strength and Cardio workouts are customized to...

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Nia's Hand Sanitizer

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Nia's Soap Sheets

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Nia's Canvas Carrying Case

Price: $8.50
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Nia's Totes

Price: $10.00
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